33 Funny And Sweet Animal Pictures For Your Week


33 Funny and Sweet Animal Pictures for Your Week True love.This pup thinks smart.Let us all aspire to be this happy eating cake.  No. My paws.Poor guy. Aw,


  1. Posted by BrokenGlass22, — Reply

    When my dog was still high from surgery, she sat under the couch and glared while struggling to stay up right 😂😂 so scary when the tiny intoxicated dog sways at you 😂😂

  2. Posted by BoredPersonontheInternet, — Reply

    Don't let her drive, the last thing I need is a dog being arrested for DUI! 😂

  3. Posted by kamit8, — Reply

    Why did the dogie need surgery

  4. Posted by conant0879, — Reply

    So funny

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