38+ Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces (Awesome DIY Ideas!)


Creative DIY storage solutions for small spaces - from Small Rooms, Small Houses, Apartments, Cottages and Condos to tiny kitchens, small laundry rooms, small bedrooms and more. Brilliant storage hacks!


  1. Posted by SantaBarbarahouse, — Reply

    Hahaha this is cool! make use of the empty space in the closet by hanging things. A very clever idea, so cabinets can include more and more items. It's just that maybe the problem is not all cupboards have a metal to hang like that. Maybe it would be very happy if there is a furniture store that sells cabinets like this.😁👍

  2. Posted by charlainee, — Reply

    The weight of the contents in the bottles damages the sprayers. I’ve learned this the hard way.

  3. Posted by delitza1, — Reply

    Unless you get a mega strong one, it just collapses.

  4. Posted by garcia4boys0809, — Reply

    My rod collapsed from the weight but it was spacios while it worked.

  5. Posted by ladytoni55, — Reply

    How nice to have all of your cleaning products right at your hand

  6. Posted by careagainco, — Reply

    so many chemicals🤢

  7. Posted by shittykawaslittlesister, — Reply

    When dwight got a conncusion

  8. Posted by daytonray00, — Reply


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